Who are we

Eurometal SA is one of the most dynamically developed companies in the steel sector for the Balkan region. The historical course of the company starts back in 1980.

A wide range of solutions is provided which covers a broad set of applications such as metal constructions, industrial and composite buildings, open space configuration, architectural applications, etc. For more information please visit the solutions web page.


You can access product brochures here.

Common steel

Includes flat / embossed / perforated sheets, UPN / IPE / IPN / HEA / HEB beams, angles, flats, square / round rebars, hollow sections, long profiles etc.

Insulating panels

Includes thermal and sound insulating panels of polyurethane or stone wool.



The long course and experience in the steel sector of Eurometal SA allows to offer immediate and comprehensive solutions to a multitude of applications and technical issues, such as:

Steel construction

We undertake the construction of any steel application is necessary for your building.

Metal buildings

Eurometal is a quality producer and supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings. The company works with the investor, as well as engineers, architects and contractors to realise their vision.

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